Panto Interiors is an international interior design company that focuses on developing commercial and residential interior spaces. The company was formed as a result of a gap identified in the design market for affordable and creative interior design services that could meet the rising demands of the ever growing property development industry.


As an entrepreneur in the design business, the business of design has to do with incorporating business principles into creativity and approach to design. Discovering the elements that leads to a clear business initiative and working towards building the practice of design.

The work of a design business starts from vision, planning, to branding, marketing, and scaling. The business of design articulates the unique vision with clarity and precision to build a plan that will help the business grow, articulating the vision to implement the business mission, marketing the design services/products that is value driven, positioning the business in the market strategically, streamlining the business operations for accuracy (scaling), and profit maximization.

Design business helps designers balance creativity and profitability, it guides the designer in channeling his/her creativity to creating value driven products/services, managing design projects, billing and costing, managing human resources, financial management, licensing and marketing.

Design business has helped me as an entrepreneur in the design industry to improve on my creativity, maximize my potentials, visualize my goals and mission, create more products and services that add value, and turn my vision into reality.

Freda Anegbe