Panto Interiors is an international interior design company that focuses on developing commercial and residential interior spaces. The company was formed as a result of a gap identified in the design market for affordable and creative interior design services that could meet the rising demands of the ever growing property development industry.


Take a critical look at your current home and office. What do you like or dislike about them? Are your feelings prompted by the aesthetics of the decor? The comfort? The fabrics? The colors? Okay now you have decided to redecorate your house/office, now what?

Whether you’re furnishing your first place or redoing the house you’ve owned for decades, decorating can be a challenging task, filled with costly decisions whose outcomes could haunt you for years. How do you figure out what style is right for you? Should you tackle the job yourself or hire a pro? And most importantly, how much should you spend?

A lot of people decide not to hire an interior designer due to financial constraints or lack of access to one.  It is actually safe to say hiring an interior designer is the best idea, it saves you cost, yea I said so, cost! This is dependent on how open and sincere you are about your budget, every good interior designer can actually work with any budget. Interior designers have access to all grades and shades of interior furniture and accessories, they know where to get what and the cost of getting it.

Budget dictates whether you use the color on something that is costly to change, like a sofa, or on items that can be altered inexpensively, like wall paint and accessories. Budget dictates what furniture or accessories to use, what style or concept to adopt and certainly what the end result of the project would look like.

Like I always tell my clients, I work with “every” budget. Budget is really key!

It takes a very good interior designer to work with “every” budget and still achieve a desirable and satisfactory outcome.

Ehimen. A.