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I tell people having a walk-in closet is not the point, organization is important. You should:

I met a guy recently and he showed me a picture of his dream walk-in closet, he said it looked really expensive and was so bothered about the cost of building it into his bedroom. Anyways, I made him understand that walk-in closets are not expensive, you can actually get it done within your budget.

What makes a walk-in closet look expensive and beautiful is the organization and arrangement, follow these rules:

  • Think about a fashion retail store you love going to. I personally love the way luxury brands display their clothes, this can be replicated in our walk-in closets
  • Don’t start until you have made up your mind to form the habit of discarding clothes, bags and shoes you don’t use so your closets doesn’t get cluttered
  • Separate clothes according to styles, types, function and frequency, for an organized closet
  • Organize your closet by color
  • Use the same hangers throughout the closet
  • Nothing should be on the floor of your closet. Like I tell my clients, if your shoe rack can’t take in all your shoes and you have to put shoes on the floor, please make sure they are really organized.
  • Organize loose items in bins, baskets and boxes
  • Don’t put your boxes on the floor or on the top of your closet. Closets are not box rooms.

With little money and by sticking to my advice on properly organizing your closet, you can get your dream walk-in closet, love it more and maybe……you really can live like your favorite celebrity in your own home. Oh yea, I said so and I mean it!

Freda Anegbe