Panto Interiors is an international interior design company that focuses on developing commercial and residential interior spaces. The company was formed as a result of a gap identified in the design market for affordable and creative interior design services that could meet the rising demands of the ever growing property development industry.


Interior design is the proper arrangement of design elements in a space (commercial and residential), by an interior designer. Design elements are components or fundamental parts used to create a design. There are seven elements but three are most critical- SPACE, COLOUR and LIGHTING.

It is important to know that interior design is more psychological than physical, as most people assume it is all about aesthetics or a beautiful space. Interior design shapes our experience because it speaks to our minds and impacts every aspect of our lives. The design of your interior space can affect your health, safety, behavior, mood, appetite, feelings, emotions, productivity, etc.

There are certain colors and objects used in a space that creates an atmosphere for positive outcome. For a more functional and healthy space, it is advisable to keep it simple (less is more), avoid cluttering, use more of natural light and air, do not buy overly expensive furniture/accessories as it gets you emotionally attached to it and you likely not to change them for years (depressing), try to buy things you can change as often as you can.

Your space, if well designed by a professional interior designer, should evoke positive emotional responses, inspire you, encourage creativity, promote love and communication, boost your health, increase your wealth, and bring happiness.

In designing, every color used has its psychological effect on the user of the space; the amount and position of light in the space has its effect, the size and height of the space you designing has its effect, the texture and pattern of the fabric has its effect, the shape and size of objects/furniture has its effects, etc. Everything in your home has a significant impact on your total wellbeing.

As interior designers, we are guided by the elements and principles of the profession, so we use every space responsibly because our services shape spaces that shape human experiences.

As users of interior space, it is important you give some serious attention to the interior design of your space, as the quality of your life depends on it.

So if you want to change your mood, situation/attitude on life, you want to spice up your marriage/relationship, get organized and productive as a young entrepreneur, reduce stress, stay healthy and inspired; a great place to begin may be to consult an interior designer.